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Welcome to Dynamic Dad.

Kids grow up too soon and life moves fast. You have to be quick on your feet to stay ahead of the curve.

This site is about providing information, support and guidance on becoming, and staying, an awesome dad to your kids, even when your time with them is limited.

Whether you work awkward shifts, you’re in the military or away a lot, or, like me, you’re divorced, you’ll find information on bonding activities and crafts to try with your kids, practical tips for separating with minimal conflict, fun food ideas and simple recipes as well as advice for reducing your outgoings.

Why? Well…

When I separated I looked around online for support and advice, and after wading through a lot I came to the conclusion that while there were a few groups and some valuable sources of information, a lot were extremely negative – and none really helped at all with the parenting aspect.

I got pretty sick of reading about “my ex” this and “deadbeat” that.

My focus is on your relationship with your kids, as this can all to easily be sidelined for any number of reasons – and none of them really valid.

Separation can turn nasty, and parental alienation is a real issue.

Together we’ll avoid both of these things not by bitching about them, but by sharing advice, tips and experiences from both sides – yes, hers too.

This way you benefit from a balanced perspective, rational thought and much more importantly, a positive, rewarding and long lasting relationship with your kids.

No Deadbeat Dads.

No Disney Dads.

Dynamic Dads.


Know someone this might help or entertain? Please share!