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Welcome to Dynamic Dad.

I started this blog because I wanted to make sure the time I spent with my daughter was educational, valuable, fun and as important to her as it is to me. I thought that by committing to writing about the things we’ve done together, I’d motivate myself to do them, be the dad I wanted to be and the best dad I could be.

I’ve achieved less than half of what I set out to do – but the most important part!

I DO the activities and crafts with my daughter, we have a great time and she loves & looks forward to coming over. I’m pretty poor at actually writing about them afterwards, although I have an awful lot of photos that one day I’ll get to publishing!

So, whether you work awkward shifts, you’re in the military or away a lot, or, like me, you’re divorced, look around the site and you’ll find information on bonding activities and crafts to try with your kids, practical tips for separating with minimal conflict, fun food ideas and simple recipes as well as advice for reducing your outgoings.

My aim is to encourage and ensure strong and lifelong bonds between fathers and their kids, regardless of family circumstances.

A note about separated dads…

When I separated I looked around online for support and advice, and after wading through a lot I came to the conclusion that while there were a few groups and some valuable sources of information, a lot were extremely negative – and none really helped at all with the parenting aspect or focussing on the positives.

I got pretty sick of reading about “my ex” this and “deadbeat” that. Separation can turn nasty, and parental alienation is a real issue – these are the sad facts of life.

My focus is on your relationship with your kids, as this can all to easily be sidelined for any number of reasons – and none of them really valid.

Around my site you’ll find links to some fantastic, easy and inexpensive activities to develop those all-important and lifelong bonds. There are articles on raising kids to be independent and smart, tips on frugal but fulfilling recipes and ideas on how to create kid friendly spaces in the typically tiny Dad’s house after separation.

I know first hand how tough it is finding and furnishing an affordable new home, paying maintenance and battling prejudices over contact. Watching costs rise significantly is never comfortable, especially when you lose assets at the same time. Instead of focussing on how bad it is, put your efforts into finding solutions and turn it to your advantage.

Many dads feel they have become better fathers after separation – be one of them, I’d love to help!

Affiliate links…

I use these throughout the site to link to products or services I recommend. You don’t pay any extra for using them, but I may get a commission if you make a purchase, get a quote, subscribe etc.

This income helps support the site and I’ll soon start adding articles about how you too can start your own blog to document your journey, support others or showcase your skills and generate an income of your own.

Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you around here again!

Dynamic Dad


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