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Why failure is the only option - dynamic dad

Why failure is the only option

Modern parenting techniques seem to have transitioned into a “must use bubble wrap and cotton wool to protect my little darling’s self esteem”. This is dangerous and utterly misguided. From my perspective...

Insta generation - why screen time is bad parenting - Dynamic Dad - Featured

Why screen time is bad parenting

The ‘Insta’ Generation Kids are lonely, impatient and entitled. It could be your fault. This is why. As technology advances, the way we use it changes. Computers started to become mainstream while...

Rock Hunting - Rock Hunting - DynamicDadRocks - Dynamic Dad

Rock Hunting

There’s a bit of a craze of hiding decorated rocks and stones for others to find and collect or re-hide, so…. Go Hunt Rocks! As a doting dad, why would I not...