Unicorn Craft Activities and Ideas

70+ Unicorn Craft Ideas Dynamic Dad

The Bean and I love making things together. It means our time is quality time, and whether we’re painting, cooking or crafting one of the things she loves to do most is make Unicorns!

She absolutely loves them, and who doesn’t love unicorn crafts?

Whether it’s another one for her collection or a unicorn craft as a gift for friend or family, this is a collection of the unicorn crafts we love the most.

There are so many unicorn craft activities here we never grow tired of them, and there are even unicorn crafts for the seasons too!

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Halloween Unicorns, Easter Unicorns, Christmas Unicorns, Mothers Day Unicorn Cards & Fathers Day Unicorn Cards, Unicorn Wall Decorations, Unicorn Pillows & Unicorn Cushions, even Unicorn Jewellery… every unicorn craft you could think of, for all age ranges and abilities.

Take your time and look through the awesome, cute, fun and easy unicorn crafts we’ve collated and don’t forget to Pin this page or bookmark in your browser it so you can come back for more later!

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70+ Easy Unicorn Craft Activities & Ideas

How to make a Sock Unicorn by Dynamic Dad

Sock Unicorn by Dynamic Dad

Our most recent unicorn craft at home – a super cute unicorn craft activity needing only a couple of socks, needle & thread and stuffing, plus eyes of your choice (pen will do)!

Unicorn Craft Activities and Ideas Dynamic Dad

Hand Print Unicorn by Simple Everyday Mom

A great cut and stick unicorn activity with free printables!

Toilet Roll Tube Unicorn by Meraki Mother

Who doesn’t have a few spare toilet roll tubes? Accessorise them to make your very own sweet toilet tube unicorns!

Unicorn Card DIY by The Inspiration Edit

These cool unicorn cards can be used for any occasion, so go ahead and make a few for those upcoming events,

Unicorn Mini Canvas by Made to be a Momma

These mini Unicorn Canvases are ideal party placeholders or bedroom decor. Either way they’re a great little unicorn craft activity.

Unicorn Craft Activities and Ideas Dynamic Dad

Unicorn Headband by Simple Everyday Mom

For parties or just dress up – these Unicorn Headbands are super sweet!

Unicorn Bookmarks by Natural Beach Living

These wonderful Unicorn Bookmarks are not only a great way to encourage reading, but they come as a free printable so they’re super easy too!

Foam Heart Unicorns by Glued to my Crafts

Simple, easy, sweet and guaranteed happy children. An ideal unicorn activity for a unicorn themed party.

Unicorn Finger Puppets by Easy Peasy and Fun

Encourage their imagination with these beautiful and printable unicorn finger puppets.

Unicorn Craft Activities and Ideas Dynamic Dad

Unicorn Headbands with ear flaps by Sewing Rabbit

What better way to encourage them to keep their ears warm than these adorable unicorn headbands with ear flaps?

Marbled Paper Unicorn by Creating Creatives

Whether as a picture for the wall or a card to give away this crafty unicorn activity is a winner.

Sparkly Footprint Unicorn by Fun Handprint Art

Unicorns and mess all rolled into one? Yes please!

Fleece Unicorn Pillow by Crafting Cheerfully

For unicorn lovers everywhere, this DIY unicorn pillow is a must do craft activity.

Unicorn Craft Activities and Ideas Dynamic Dad

Unicorn Notebooks DIY by Projects with Kids

Follow this guide and you can unicorn everything from your diary to their school books!

Fluffy Unicorn Slime by Living Locurto

You know they love slime, so why not make your own fluffy unicorn slime? It’s so easy, and there are even some unicorn slime jars to make further down this list!

Glitter Unicorn Christmas Ornaments by Sweet Red Poppy

Christmas and Unicorns combined! Oh my gosh!

Unicorn Face Masks by It’s Always Autumn

Add these super easy unicorn face mask printables to your unicorn themed party for happy, occupied kids!

Unicorn Craft Activities and Ideas Dynamic Dad

Sock Unicorn by Dynamic Dad

Do you have a collection of odd socks and a rainy day? Put them to good use with this adorable Unicorn Plushy DIY.

Halloween Unicorn Pumpkins by Confettidea

A whole new perspective on pumpkin decoration – and we love it, Unicorn Pumpkins!

Unicorn Fortune Teller by Easy Peasy and Fun

I know you remember these from your childhood – they’ll be occupied for hours with these Unicorn Fortune Tellers.

Stained Glass Unicorn by Oh Happy Day

Whether for a party piece, decorating their room or as a fun activity these stained glass unicorns are gorgeous.

Unicorn Craft Activities and Ideas Dynamic Dad

Watercolour Unicorns by Rowdy Rascal Kids

While Rowdy Rascal Kids is no longer online, you can still make these colourful watercolour unicorns with a hole punch, some yarn and some watercolours liberally applied and left to dry!

Build a Unicorn Template by Simple Mom Project

A super printable build a unicorn – ideal for younger kids and as a party activity!

3D Paper Unicorns by Easy Peasy and Fun

Another cute printable and a great party activity!

Unicorn Slime Jars by The Best Ideas for Kids

Unicorn Slime Jars for keeping their Unicorn Slime and Rainbow Unicorn Poo!

Unicorn Craft Activities and Ideas Dynamic Dad

Unicorn Necklaces by Meri Cherry

These cute and super simple unicorn necklaces will be worn with pride!

Unicorn Head toilet roll tube craft by Cut Out + Keep

A super fun toilet tube unicorn that they run around with – mane streaming behind.

DIY Unicorn Gift Bag by Tikkido

Unicorn party? You need these unicorn party bags!

Unicorn Favor Box by Design Dazzle

Don’t forget these unicorn favour boxes too – they could even make them at the party themselves!

Unicorn Craft Activities and Ideas Dynamic Dad

Unicorn Plant Pot by Red Ted Art

These endearing little unicorn plant pots are such an easy activity, and planting succulents means they’re super easy to keep too!

Unicorn Soap by The Purple Pumpkin

If getting them to wash their hands is sometimes a challenge, try these cute Unicorn Soaps – they’ll love to pick them up!

Unicorn Dream Catcher by Hello Wonderful

Dream Catchers have long been a staple, easy craft activity, so what could be better for a good night’s sleep than Unicorn Dream Catchers?

Unicorn Hug Bookmarks by Big Family Blessings

This adorable take on the Unicorn Bookmark has the little unicorns hugging the pages they’ve saved!

Unicorn Craft Activities and Ideas Dynamic Dad

Paper Unicorn Decorations by Red Ted Art

Whether for a party, a bedroom or even for Christmas these hanging paper unicorn decorations are just perfect.

Unicorn & Rainbow Necklaces by Make + Tell

This beautiful Rainbow and Unicorn Jewellery DIY would impress even Tweens and Teens!

Unicorn Pudding Cups by Nerdy Mamma

Turn those plastic pudding pots to good use with these sweet little pudding cup unicorns.

Paper Plate Unicorns by The Inspiration Edit

Simple, easy, fun and a craft staple – the paper plate. This time, paper plate unicorn craft!

Unicorn Craft Activities and Ideas Dynamic Dad

No Sew Unicorn Pillows by Design Improvised

No sew pillow crafts make bespoke furnishing fun, and these no sew unicorn pillows are certainly no exception.

Unicorn Pencil Case by My Heavenly Recipes

No matter how many we have, Bean always “needs” another pencil case. Now we can make one, a unicorn pencil case no less, and so can you!

Unicorn Shadow Box by Crafts With Sarah

This fab unicorn shadow box craft makes a fab decoration whether for a bedroom or a party – or both!

Unicorn Picture Frame by The Trophy Wife Style

What could be better than having them put their favourite photo in their favourite unicorn photo frame?

Unicorn Craft Activities and Ideas Dynamic Dad

Handprint Unicorns by The Resourceful Mama

Everyone loves messy play – so here’s a hand print unicorn!

Miniature Unicorn Pinata from A Subtle Revelry

Transform a store bought pinata (or make your own) for the ultimate unicorn party.

Unicorn Headbands by Birds Party

Another simple yet fabulous transformation into these unicorn headbands.

Spoon Puppet Unicorns by Glued to my Crafts

As soon as they’ve made these, set them to creating a little play for and finally finish your drink (not).

Unicorn Craft Activities and Ideas Dynamic Dad

Unicorn Wall Art by Lia Griffith

A superb unicorn craft activity and a great piece of unicorn wall art to boot!

Unicorn Pencil Pot by Crafts on Sea

After a hard days crafting, make tidying up and putting away a little more fun with some unicorn stationery pots.

Unicorn Mug by The Decorated Cookie

You’ll never get to drink it, but at least your coffee will look pretty in this DIY Unicorn Mug!

Paper Quill Unicorn by Hello Wonderful

For the more determined, patient and adventurous this unicorn quilling activity will look fab!

Unicorn Craft Activities and Ideas Dynamic Dad

Unicorn Clothespin Puppets by Easy Peasy and Fun

Free, printable, super easy, clothes peg unicorn puppets.

Unicorn Pom-Poms by A.C.Moore

These pom-pom unicorns are adorable!

Unicorn Pillow by Crafts Unleashed

This unicorn pillow craft is a world apart – it looks amazing and comes with complete instructions!

Matchbox Unicorn Notebook by Red Ted Art

Secrets and surprises are exactly what a child needs – combined with unicorns of course!

Unicorn Craft Activities and Ideas Dynamic Dad

Paper Unicorn by Make Film Play

An easy, fun and simple paper unicorn craft with curly 3D mane!

Unicorn Sleep Masks by Bird’s Party

Slumber party? They’ll love making and using these unicorn sleep masks.

Unicorn Bunting by Mom Collaborative

Bedrooms and birthdays alike will benefit from this cute unicorn bunting craft.

Unicorn Felt Banner by Party With Unicorns

This wonderful felt banner could adorn a playroom wall or even sort the kids into houses or teams.

Unicorn Craft Activities and Ideas Dynamic Dad

Unicorn Slippers DIY by Cutefetti

Simple slipper upcycling into bespoke unicorn slippers.

Unicorn Salt Painting by Sweet T Makes Three

A wonderful sensory activity – 3D salt painting with unicorns.

Over The Rainbow Unicorn Puppets by Arty Crafty Kids

Have them make the props, then the play with these rainbow & unicorn puppets.

Unicorn Pumpkin by Lines Across

Make Halloween happy again with some adorable unicorn pumpkins.

Unicorn Craft Activities and Ideas Dynamic Dad

Unicorn Hand Puppets by I Heart Crafty Things

This unicorn hand puppet craft is super simple and ideal for kids with a sparkly imagination.

Unicorn Mask Printable by Ruffles & Rainboots

Unicorn party? These printable face masks are ideal!

Unicorn Hand Puppets by Make Film Play

These great 3D unicorn hand puppets can even open their mouths to speak!

Felt Unicorn by That Kids Craft Site

Make this sweet felt unicorn craft and use as an ornament, keyring or even zipper puller.

Unicorn Craft Activities and Ideas Dynamic Dad

Unicorn Quilling Craft by The Inspiration Edit

Craft a cute unicorn with nothing but paper and patience!

Rainbow Unicorn Hobby Horse by Adventure In A Box

This rainbow unicorn hobby horse craft is the real deal and a perfect unicorn diy gift.

Unicorn Eggs by Crafty Morning

Ideal for Easter, these unicorn egg crafts will entertain as well as make a great centrepiece.

Unicorn Rainbow Mobile by Hattifant

For younger children, the bright colours and bold shapes of this unicorn mobile will bring guaranteed smiles.

Roll a Unicorn by Dynamic Dad

Free printable, all you need are dice and something to colour with!

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